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Report accompanying the 2016 final account (ITA)

Final Account at 31.12.2016 (ITA)

Report accompanying the 2017 Forecast Budget (ITA)

Forecast Budget for the 2017 financial year (ITA)

Year 2015-2016:

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Report accompanying the 2016 Forecast Budget (ITA)

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Forecast Budget for the 2015 financial year (ITA)

Accompanying Report to the Budget for the Fiscal Year 2012
(Association activity program)

For the fiscal year 2012 we forecast n.250 adoption among existing 278 considering possible defaults, last year we had 17kids whose adoption was not extended.

In order to collect new funds we forecast, beside the usual summer concert, the organization of three second hand market through the sale of the goods collected, some solidarity dinners and one burraco tournament.

The operating surplus and the expected revenue in 2012, will allow us to carry out the project for the construction of the class rooms in order to complete the primary school school cycle; the estimated budget forecast a final cost of 50.000euro.

Around 20.000euro will be necessary for the management of the school

An other project to carry over is the construction of small houses/dormitories in the very poor village of Kawomye, for which we have managed a specific fund raise and donations; for this project we forecast around 10.000euro.

To improve the school life, the health care, the nutrition and help the families, we forecast to use around 10.000euro.

We will have around 5.000euro as planned withdrawals for the operating expenditure of the association.

Surplus forecast will be used to cover any unforeseen expense during the management of the scheduled activities/projects.

The forecast surplus will cover any unforeseen management of the projects planned.

    Budget for the fiscal year 2012  
Previous year operating surplus       € 62.973,40
Membership fee         € 350,00
Adoption fee         € 31.250,00
Contribution for expenses         € 1.000,00
Project (donations)       € 6.000,00
Revenues generated by fund raise and events     € 9.500,00
TOTAL REVENUES           € 111.073,40
Current management expenditures (stationery-office fee)     € 1.000,00
Mailing costs           € 600,00
Bank fees           € 350,00
Office costs         € 600,00
Others             € 150,00
Expenditures for institutional activities       € 90.000,00
Fund raise and donation related costs       € 2.500,00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES           € 95.200,00
SURPLUS FORECAST         € 15.873,40

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