In Uganda we are a registered association and recognized by the Ugandan government, we call ourselves: I BAMBINI DI ANTONIO LTD – NO PROFIT

Completed Projects:

  • A School of 10 classrooms and two offices that accommodates 350 children from the Nursery to the Primary in the village of Kuffu-Uganda, complete with furniture and solar panels. The management of the school produces work for 16 people.
  • College for the boys of the last two years of the Primary school.
  • A well serving the school
  • A well serving the village of Kuffu
  • A well serving the village of Kawomya
  • Two wells serving the village of Kaaso
  • Two wells in the villages of Senene and Wammengo
  • Long distance support for over 400 children.
  • Payment of tuition and canteen in the high school for 21 students.
  • Payment of school fees and canteen for an additional 38 children in other schools.
  • Professional training for girls who have dropped out of school.
  • University studies in medicine for the first student.
  • Permanent literacy courses for adults and girls who have dropped out of school.
  • Professional training courses for teachers.
  • Computer courses for teachers and students.
  • Medical care and hospital admissions.
  • Pre and post delivery medical health assistance for single mothers.
  • Construction of 50 houses for families selected from the poorest of the poor
  • Help for the most vulnerable families (small houses, toilets, beds, mattresses, land, farms, seeds, food, photovoltaic lamps).
  • Project AFRIpads: These are innovative washable sanitary napkins that last one year that will replace cloths to say not currently used strips or banana leaves, causing many vaginal infections. The association will equip all the students in the school with a kit containing three daytime sanitary napkins, one for the night and a sachet to make the transport discreet. The kit is produced in Masaka, a rural village in southwestern Uganda.
  • A piece of land for everyone: Having a piece of land in the villages is a matter of survival. They live on agriculture, on subsistence, they cultivate food for domestic consumption. To ensure a minimum of future, each child buys land by registering it on their property.
  • Microloans. Agricultural development project
  • Small Playground
  • Restoration Area of ​​the Kirema Medical Center: On 2 May 2018 the delivery area of ​​a small health facility became operational. This is where children are born. A small jewel in the Ugandan jungle where we can finally give birth to lives in a context of dignity and security. The labor room and delivery room were in dilapidated hygienic and structural conditions, without water systems, dirty and deteriorated mattresses.

Before our intervention

After our intervention:

Projects in progress:

  • Construction of the “House of the Volunteer” and Construction of a Sewing Laboratory.
    The construction of “HOUSE OF THE VOLUNTEER” is an important project to allow the development of the most disadvantaged populations of the rural area in which we operate, far from the big city centers. The “home” will be a center of free and voluntary competences that with their presence will cover the whole year with the alternation of working groups for specific projects, from the development of organic agriculture, to entrepreneurship through microcredits, health training, training of midwives, technical construction training, training for cutting and sewing that will lead to another key project: the creation of a “SEWING LABORATORY” to create jobs for the many single mothers we deal with. We will document every tiny step. We believe in it and we put our soul into it. In this adventure and in this daily miracle we have always been supported by you many “brothers and sisters”. It will take more than a year … but the project is great and involves everyone. We need all your support.
  • Projects for the community: Pigsty, construction brick building, event facilities
  • Projects for the disabled
  • Sewing workshop
  • Prison condition. Literacy courses
  • Assistance to the elderly in condition of abandonment
  • Purchase of land for future developments of the Association

I assure you that it is not easy to manage all this, sacrifice is needed. We need not only economic help, I wish there were more people to offer their hands to serve.

Anna Tamburrano ♥

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