Completed Projects:Lato-Nord

  • A school for 300 children (from Nursery to Primary 7) complete with furnishings, bathrooms and two offices (President and Secretary)
  • Two rooms for teachers next to the school
  • An artesian well for the needs of the school
  • Repairing of existing wells
  • Supplementary projects for family income: donations of breedings (1 cock, 10 hens, a couple of goats and / or pigs), donations of seed.
  • Scholarships for Secondary School
  • Food and economic aid in cases of acute poverty
  • Two micro-credits to allow the possibility of widening of the house
  • Sponsorship of 350 children

The management of the school produces work for 14 people.

Projects in progress:

  • Construction of the first house for one of the poorest families who are in need of decent shelter
  • Improving nutrition at school
  • Improving medical assistance for children

Projects to execute in the short term:

  • Widening of the school to complete the cycle of Primary School
  • Construction of a well for Kuffu village
  • Construction of houses / dormitory for orphans in Kawomya village
  • To supply electricity to the school

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